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PELENG SF-08-21 Net Radiometer


  • Measurement of the radiation balance of the surface under study in natural conditions, that is, the difference in the values ​​of irradiance (radiation) created by the fluxes of solar and thermal radiation entering on its receiving surfaces.

Operating principle of Net Radiometer is based on thermal-to-electrical energy conversion. Under the influence of solar and thermal radiation entering on the blackened receiving surfaces of the sensitive element, an electromotive force (hereinafter referred to as EMF) of direct current is generated in the thermobattery, which is proportional to the difference in the values ​​of the irradiance of the receiving surfaces (i.e., the radiation balance). The analog signal from the radiation balance converter enters onto the input of the analog-to-digital converter of the electronic unit, is converted into digital form and then enters to the RS-485 interface converter connected to the PC. The information on PC is displayed by means of «Peleng Meteo» software. When using the electronic radiation balance converter, the digital signal via the RS-485 interface enters directly to the PC through the interface converter. The information on the PC is displayed by the “Peleng Meteo Actinometry” software.

  • Two device versions are available
    • net radiometer with analog output signal
    • electronic net radiometer with digital and analog signals



  • №10826 State Committee for Standardization of the Republic of Belarus
  • №82652-21 Federal Agency on Technical Regulation and Metrology (Russian Federation)



Spectral range

0.28 - 40 μm

Irradiance range

0.01 - 2 kW/m2

Permissible main relative measurement error


Wind correction factor for each 1 m/s of wind speed change (wind speed range 0 to 15 m/s)

< 0.04

Difference of conversion factor between upper and lower sensor (sensor asymmetry)


Conversion factor for normal irradiance

≥ 8 mV m2 / kW

Response time

≤ 20 s

Operation environment:

- ambient temperature

- relative air humidity

- atmospheric pressure


-60°С to +80°С

0 -100%

600 -1100 gPa

Electronic net radiometer interface


DC supply voltage range electronic net radiometer

6 - 24 V


IP 65

Life time

10 years

Time between verifications

2 years

Overall dimensions (L × W × H):

- net radiometer

- electronic net radiometer


210×110×40 mm

210×115×25 mm


- net radiometer

- electronic net radiometer


1.05 kg

1.2 kg

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