Production of JSC "Peleng"

The total area of production premises of JSC "Peleng" is 43 777 м2


Design production office "Peleng-Optic" performes calculation of complex optical scheme and manufactures high-precision optical parts.

This division performes following types of work:

  • Optical systems design

    • design of equipments' basic diagrams, aberrant calculation and analysis of optical systems;
    • design of complex lenses and reversing systems;
    • lighting calculations and measurement of lighting and spectral-technical parameters.
  • Manufacturing of optical equipment:

    • spherical and aspherical lenses
    • prisms 
    • sacrificial windows
    • mirrors
    • wedges
    • reticles
    • scales
    • interference filters
    • gluing of optical details
    • large-size spherical and aspherical mirrors
  • Optical covering:

    • antireflection coating

    • spectrum-splitting coating

    • beam-splitting coating

    • solar-blind coating

    • polarizing coating

    • metal mirror coating

    • dielectric coating

    • laser resistant coating

  • Photolithography;

  • Assembling, adjusting, controlling and qualification of lenses and optical systems units;

  • Verification of lighting measuring devices.


Mechanical processing workshop is equipped with modern metal-working machines and performs wide range of operations on mechanical processing of parts and units:

  • manual and semi-atomatic welding;
  • parts polimeric covering;
  • various types of of thermal processing including thermal cycling;
  • thermal processing of the titanium and titanium-alloys parts in vacuum;
  • waterjet cutting;
  • milling work (3 and 5 axis machining centres);
  • jig boring works
  • turning works (universal machines and with CNC)
  • OD grinding and face grinding works;  
  • gear-processing;
  • vibratory finishing;
  • shot blasting;
  • glass blasting.

The control of the processing parts dimensions is carried out using measuring and control machines manufactured by Carl Zeiss.



  • manufacture and control of assembly units of all types for C class electronic apparatus (ultra-heavy-duty)
    • cables
    • harnesses
    • bundle units
    • surface and combined mounting electronic modules;
  • surface mounting​​​​​​​:
    • operations for applying solder paste on a screen printing machine;
    • installation of SMD components on semi-automatic or automatic machines;
    • soldering of printed circuit assemblies using multi-zone reflow ovens;
    • control of installation on a semi-automatic X-ray control unit;
    • automated inkjet washing of printed circuit assemblies;
    • application of moisture-proof coatings;
    • thermal drying of printed circuit boards and components.


  • assembly (including pinning, gluing, etc.);
  • alignment, adjustment and tuning;
  • optical surfaces cleaning;
  • checking assembly units for tightness and for compliance with other requirements;
  • nitrogen purge;
  • processing of parts requiring revision at the assembly stage.


In the testing and reliability department all products manufactured by JSC "Peleng" are subjected to all main types of tests established in the design and production standard documentation.

Experimental test facilities are provided with the equipment of Italy, Germany, PRC origin and performs a full range of climatic and mechanical tests, namely:

  • Mechanical test (vibration and shock loads)
  • Climatic tests:
    • low temperature up to -70°С
    • high temperature up to +180°
    • low humidity 20%
    • high humidity up to 100%
    • low pressure 1 mm Hg
    • high pressure 910 mm Hg