Company’s history 

Company’s history 

Four and a half decades have passed since December 1974, when the department of the chief designer of the Minsk Mechanical Plant named after S. I. Vavilov became an independent enterprise. During this time, the world has stand on its head. The Soviet Union, which occupied one sixth of the globe, collapsed, appeared the sovereign Republic of Belarus. Consequently, in our country were completely reorganized economic relations and production-cooperation ties and were created, new technologies and materials, arose new technical requirements and quality standards.


Just the business dimension of our enterprise has not changed. Like 20, 30, 45 years ago, “Peleng” is engaged in the development and manufacture of a wide variety of high technology optoelectronic products. For 45 years – and considering that the department of the chief designer appeared at the Minsk Mechanical Plant way back in the 1956, then for six and a half decades - the company's team has designed, tested and introduced into mass production such a number of products that a simple listing of their names would take several tens of pages.


At the time of their creation, many developments had no analogues not only in the USSR, but throughout the world, and in a number of areas the company's specialists had to act as pioneers. Therefore, it is no coincidence that the creative work of employees of the Central Design Bureau and JSC “Peleng” was honored by numerous awards.


The pride of the enterprise are 2 laureates of the Lenin Prize, 9 laureates of the State Prize of the USSR, 11 laureates of the State Prize of the BSSR and the Republic of Belarus, laureate of the Prize of the Council of Ministers of the USSR, 3 laureate of the Lenin Komsomol Prize of the BSSR, 2 laureates of the Prize of the Government of the Russian Federation in the field of science and technology, more than 100 employees awarded orders and medals.


But behind all these many achievements there is a truly titanic work of three generations of our employees, which at the time of its formation consisted of only one and a half to two dozen employees, and today - almost 2,200 people. And practically all of them - from an ordinary employee to the head of the Central Design Bureau and the General Director of JSC “Peleng”, from chief designers to ordinary workers - have contributed to the success of the enterprise. We have always been strong in intellect, solidarity and hard work, strong in the belief that we are doing a great and necessary thing for the country and the people.


These qualities helped us to withstand the most difficult 1990s, when the bottom has dropped out of our feet and the company's specialists had to take on almost any job. Due to the fact that we did not betray ourselves and our vocation, and the collective continued to live and work as one big family, we managed to withstand and to preserve production and creative potential, lay a solid foundation for further progressive development. These qualities, which have become a good tradition, help us now.


Today JSC “Peleng” is the leading enterprise of optical instrumentation in the Republic of Belarus, whose developments are the most sophisticated optoelectronic devices and dual and space-purpose systems, which are sought-after in many countries of the world, as well as meteorological and forensic equipment.


Since the moment when the enterprise was transformed into a joint stock company in 1994, it has become the owner of more than 300 patents for various inventions, many of which were then introduced into production. Our young people are full of creative ideas and energy, that help them to develop our production and create new devices which are showed at the most prestigious international exhibitions. This means that the development of JSC “Peleng” continues and its team is ready to take any space heights.


It is worth to express the most heartfelt thanks to the staff of JSC “Peleng” for the difficult, intense and fruitful work, to express deep assurance that the rich experience accumulated by previous generations of “Peleng” employees, multiplied by the diligence and knowledge of young employees, will help us to continue to achieve all set goals. The glorious 45-year history of our company serves as a guarantee of glittering future.