JSC Peleng is a leading design enterprise in optoelectronic industry of the Republic of Belarus. More than 48 years we focus on design and manufacturing optoelectronic systems for different use.  

The company was established in the year 1974 by reorganization of the designing section of the Vavilov Minsk Mechanical Plant (BelOMO) into the Central Designing Bureau Peleng. In 1994 the Designing Bureau was transformed into the Joint-Stock Company Peleng and became private company with 48,9% state share.

In 2003 the company was included in the Register of high-tech industries and enterprises of the Republic of Belarus.

Main competence of the company is research and development, that include complete manufacturing cycle of science-based optoelectronic products for wide use.

Over 3 000 employees work in the company and more than half of them are highly qualified engineering and technical personnel.

The company offers to its customers a full range of services

  • Development of technical specifications based on customer requirements 
  • Integrated design (draft, technical design) 
  • Development of design documentation 
  • Components purchase, production of technical equipment
  • Software development and debugging 
  • Autonomous and complex tests 
  • Development of operational documentation 
  • Supply and installation of technical equipment
  • Commissioning works at the Customer’s premises 
  • Customer's personnel training 
  • Warranty and post-warranty service

The company has a long-term leader’s reputation and proven experience of participation in such large-scale projects as creation of special-purpose equipment for space crafts and satellites, modernization of meteorological services, implementation of large foreign orders, including space instrumentation area. The main volume of company’s products is exported, and besides Russia and the CIS countries, the buyers of JSC Peleng are the United Arab Emirates, India, China and other countries.