KONTUR-T Compact Television Theodolite


Recording of the flying objects image and service information (angular positions of the aiming axis and real time) on magnetic carriers in digital form for further defining of angular coordinates


Focal distance of the mail lens, mm 300
Root-mean-square instrumental error of the theodolite when defining the point object angular coordinates in static, provided the elevation angle is max 60°, max 15''
Data registration frequency, Hz 50
Root-mean-square error when binding to the scale of the common time equipment ("Jasmin" or "Sekunda"-type), max
- for the moments to define the aiming axis
- for the moment of the object exposition centre
50 µs
1 ms
Power supply from AC mains (230 V), 50 Hz
Aiming at the object and tracking:
- one operator
- manual drives
Processing of the registered data (objects angular coordinates defining):
- be standard PC in automatic mode
Theodolite weight, kg, max 140