VISMUTIN-M High-Precise Cinetheodolite


TV measuring channel
RMS instrumental error when defining the point object angular coordinates with VISMUTIN HPC through the TVMC, max:
- in real time
- during post-call data processing
Field of view through the TV measuring channel, min 40' x 30'
Photographic rate, frame/sec 25
Operating spectral range, nm 700 ... 800
TV camera dynamic range, min 1000
Range of TV camera storage time adjustment 16 µs ... 40 ms
TV viewing channel (TVVC)

Focal distances measuring range of the TVVC variable focus lens, mm

10 ... 200

Measuring range of the TVVC field of view angles

(24º4' x 32º6') ... (1º25' x 1º56')

Resolution capability of the color TV camera, TVL


Exposure range of the color TV camera’s electronic shutter, s

1/50 ... 1/105
Programmed Guidance Equipment

Root-mean-square error of azimuth/elevation workout of the defined trajectory, max


Possibility to adjust position of the sight axis by means of azimuth/elevation moving of the control panel joystick

± 20 '/с
Method of estimated coordinates and launch time input:
- with PC keyboard
- from the electronic data storage
Provided by the customer trajectory estimated coordinates:
- time, azimuth and elevation value for each point of the defined trajectory at the point of observation

Discreteness of the defined trajectory points, Hz

1 ... 20
Launch of the programmed guidance mode:
- in automatic mode as per predetermined time of launch;
- by operator command.