OKO Rapid Deployable Intrusion Detection and Video Surveillance System


24/7 perimeter security monitoring and video surveillance with wireless transfer of alarm messages and video frames in open terrain and wooded country conditions.
The perimeter consists of several posts, each equipped with an intrusion detection sensor, a low-light video camera with IR illuminator for night conditions, a transceiver, and a lithium battery for autonomous 12 month operation.
Standard equipment set is designed for 1 km perimeterlength with capability of extension by adding extra surveillance posts.


  • command and control center;
  • 10 surveillance posts (standard equipment);
  • portable adjustment panel;
  • radio repeater;
  • collapsible pole mount.


  • rapid set-up and tear-down on any terrain;
  • 24/7 surveillance for 100 m perimeter range (with IR illumination at night);
  • video recording of perimeter intrusion and wireless transfer of captured video frames to command and controlcenter;
  • videodata transmission distance: up to 10 km in RLOS conditions, and up to 5 km in wooded country;
  • radio repeater is used to overcome terrain depandant BRLOS conditions;
  • video recording and display of captured video on operator’s panel PC screen;
  • event log with alarm date and timestamp;
  • integrated operation testing of surveillance posts;
  • compatible with Rapid Deployable Intrusion Detection System.


Command and control center - power grid:
- power supply voltage, V
- frequency, Hz

230 ± 23
50 ± 1
Portable panel - battery with nominal voltage, V 22,2
Surveillance post - battery with nominal voltage, V 12
Radio repeater - battery with nominal voltage, V 12
Installation Scheme

Surveillance post
Provides sensor-based intrusion detection, video recording, and wireless videodata transfer to command and control center.
- intrusion sensor;
- video camera;
- transceiver with antenna;
- control unit;
- collapsible pole mount;
- battery.
Command and control center
Panel PC based with integrated radio communication equipment.
- alarm messages reception and display;
- video recording, captured video display and storage;
- control of perimeter posts.
Portable adjustment panel
The panel is used to adjust and test the surveillance posts during installation and maintenance procedures and is also capable of transmitting the post coordinates to command and control center. The panel can perform functions of the command and control center.
- portable panel PC with GPS module;
- transceiver with antenna;
- battery power source and utility power source.
Radio repeater
The radio repeater is used to overcome terrain depandant BRLOS conditions between surveillance post and command and control ceter, or it can also be used to extend the radio link distance.