Research and Development Company of the Republic of Belarus in Optolelectronics

Testing facilities

PELENG has its own testing and experimental station that provides full range of mechanical and climatic tests:

Mechanical testing


  • sinusoidal vibrations in the range 5-5000 Hz;
  • acceleration up to 5 g;
  • shifting amplitude up to 2 mm at frequency up to 25 Hz;
  • load up to 400 kg.


  • acceleration up to 500 g duration from 3 to 10 msec;
  • shock frequency 40-120 shocks/min;
  • load up to 400 kg.

Climatic testing

  • high temperature up to +300°С;
  • low temperature up to -75°С;
  • relative humidity up to 100%;
  • lowered atmospheric pressure from 5 kPa up to 83 kPa.

The laboratory is equipped with testing systems of Italian and German manufacture.