Research and Development Company of the Republic of Belarus in Optolelectronics

Electro-wiring production

The assembly workshop provides works on units dimenstioned wiring, assembly, adjustment, testing, and also commissioning at customers' sites.

The assembly workshop consists of an electro-wiring section and a number of assembly sections.

The workshop has the equipment for both manual wiring, and for wiring of surface-mounted elements, including the use of the automatic machine for putting of solder paste, the oven for melting of solder paste and others. There is also a device of selective soldering. Besides, the workshop is equipped with modern instruments for quality inspection control of PCB units, including the X-ray installation for checking of soldered connections.

The installed equipment and highly-qualified personnel ensure performance of any type of works on assembly and wiring of products.

The assembly sections have the climatic equipment for keeping the necessary working conditions in the rooms for assembly of precise optoelectronic devices and systems. Most of the employees engaged in assembly and adjustment works have special secondary and higher technical education.