Research and Development Company of the Republic of Belarus in Optolelectronics

TV Recording Station

TV Recording Station
CapabilitiesRecording of the flying objects images on a magnetic carrier against standard backgrounds under day and night conditions with further processing of the recorded data by means of software
Complete set
  • Two theodolite posts
  • Control and recording equipment
  • Root-mean-square instrumental error of ttheodolite when defining the point object angular coordinates in static, provided the elevation angle is max 60º, max25''
    Resolution capability of two stars woth the same brightness, max35''
    Liminal illuminance of TV channels lenses, which is equivalent to noise, in the operating spectral range, while storage time is 1 ms, W/cm2, max2 x 10-10
    Theodolite field of view20° x 20°
    Lenses aperture1 : 1,3
    Frame frequency, Hz0,5; 1; 2; 5; 10; 12,5
    Theodolite mass, kg, max90
    Power supply from AC mains (220±22) V, 50 Hz
    Operating modes:
    - night shooting of objects against the background of stars with multiple exposure of moving objects for one frame;
    - daytime shooting of an illuminated object;
    - shooting of a long shining object;
    - continuous shooting of an area by two theodolites.