Research and Development Company of the Republic of Belarus in Optolelectronics

Optoelectronic Module

Optoelectronic Module

Detection and determination of the travel trajectory and tracking of the flying object in the real-time mode and in the mode of post-call data processing.

Root-mean-square instrumental error when azimuth and elevation defining the point object coordinates, provided the altitude is ≤60°:
- in the real-time mode on the basis of data received through the TV tracking channel and night TC channel (provided it was installed in the theodolite post), max 
- in the mode of post-call processing of the TV measuring channel data by standard computer equipment of the device

Range fining:
- by the flying object with area min. 4 m2 and albedo 0,2; provided MRV = 20 km
- by the flying object with area min. 0,12 m2 and albedo 0,2; provided MRV = 30 km

from 0,5 to 13 km
from 0,5 to 10 km
Root-mean-square error when finding the range to the object by means of a laser rangefinder (provided it was installed in the theodolite post), m, max1
Angular movement range of the azimuth-elevation rotary mechanism:
- azimuth
- altitude
- subject to elevation mounting of the laser rangefinder woth the limits

no limit
-10° ... 190°
-10° ... 70°
Angular rates of subjects tracking on the azimuth-elevation rotary mechanism axes(0,3 ... 60) °/s
Maximal angular acceleration on the azimth-elevation rotary mechanism axes60 °/s
Power supply of the device from the three-phase fixed AC mains, V240/400
Power consumption, kW, max8