Research and Development Company of the Republic of Belarus in Optolelectronics

PELENG SF-11 Precipitation Gauge

PELENG SF-11 Precipitation Gauge
CAPABILITIESSolid, liquid, and mixed precipitation measurement.
  • PELENG SF-11 precipitation gauge;
  • pole;
  • software; 
  • spare parts set;
  • installation kit;
  • cable set.
  • № 4628 issued by the State Committee for Standardization of the Republic of Belarus;
  • № 35539 isssued by Federal Agency on Technical Regulation and Metrology (Russian Federation).
  • Minimal precipitation amount measured, mm0,2
    Maximal precipitation amount measured (before bucket emptying), mm125 (summer season)
    25 (winter season)
    Precipitation permissible absolute error, mm± (0.01+0.05 K), where K is measured precipitation amount in mm
    Collector orifice area S, cm2200 ± 2
    Conversion factor of precipitation weight (g) to precipitation amount k=10·(S·ρ)-1, mm/g, wher ρ is water density, 1 g/cm30,05
    Power supply voltage, V10,8 ÷ 26,4
    Overall dimensions, mm, max25
    Power consumption, W, max Ø 1050 × 1035
    Weight, kg, max25
    Operation environment:
    - ambient temperature, °C
    - relative air humidity at +25°C, %
    -50 ...+50