Research and Development Company of the Republic of Belarus in Optolelectronics

S-01 Automated Weather Observing System

  • continuous collection and processing of data from weather sensors (manual input of non-measured parameters is available);
  • issue of standard and warning messages;
  • transmission of messages to meteorological centers via landlines and e-mail;
  • data exchange with weather observer automated workstation software;
  • issue of regime summaries;
  • storage of: internal meteo information, messages, and regime summaries.
  • PC workstation;
  • main station unit mounted in an IT cabinet with: one transiever unit (connected to a PC by RS232 interface), one UPS, external modems, and one BRS-1M barometer;
  • printer;
  • junction boxes;
  • controllers with air temperature and humidity sensors (2 sensors max);
  • controllers with soil temperatire sensors (14 sensors max);
  • remote display;
  • software.
  • CERTIFICATE№ 7878 issued by the State Committee for Standardization of the Republic of Belarus.
    • PELENG SF-03 cup anemometer and wind vane;
    • PELENG SF-01 transmissometer (or PELENG SL-03 nephelometer);
    • PELENG SD-02-2006 ceilometer;
    • HMP 155 air temperature and humidity sensor;
    • PELENG SF-04 rain gauge (or PELENG SF-11 precipitation gauge);
    • BRS-1M barometer;
    • DTS12G soil temperature sensors (14 sensors max);
    • PELENG VK-05 sunshine duration sensor;
    • PELENG SF-06 pyranometer;
    • PELENG SF-08 net radiometer;
    • PELENG SF-12 actinometer.